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Turn on Two-Factor Authentication ASAP!

Sitting here quietly and my iPhone beeped and a text message came in - "841138 is your Amazon security code" --BUT I have not been on the Amazon site for any purpose today or over the past several days.  I immediately went there and changed my password then called Amazon customer service.  As the lady explained, someone may have obtained my email and password in some fashion [how I don't know and I had an excellent password, I thought] and tried to buy something or get into the account for some purpose.  Thus, since I had 2-factor authentication set up, they couldn't enter because the text came to me with the code, not to them.  I know I harp constantly about passwords, password managers and security, but this is additional proof of the need to prevent easy access to one's accounts.  

Articles on Macs & iPhones & iPads in the ABA's GPSolo Magazine, for 2015

To Your Health [Health resources for Mac and iOS users] Download GPSolo MarApril2015 - This article might be interest particularly to those looking for Mac applications to help with their healthy lifestyle, and includes websites and helpful apps.

Mac User:  The Apple Watch  Download MAC USER: The Apple Watch | Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division - This article may be of interest to those considering getting or using an Apple Watch   [Nov/Dec. 2015] 

Articles on Macs & iPhones & iPads in the ABA's GPSolo Magazine [2013-14]

In 2013 & 2014, the MacUser articles in the GPSolo Magazines for the American Bar Association dealt with practical aspects of owning Apple's Mac computers, iPads and iPhones: [click to download]

Are Macs Really Cheaper over the Long Haul_Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division - Jan/Feb 2013

Planning for the (Digital and Physical) End - July 2013

Accessibility Options for iOS and Mac _March/April 2014

Mac:iOS Resources for Litigators-Sep:Oct2014


Additional Articles at GPSolo about Macs, OS X & iPhone to Dec. 2012

Since the 2006 end date in the above referenced page of past items, I've written articles for the American Bar Association's GPSolo Magazine in June and December of each year, to date.  The topics generally are about the use of Mac computers [and now iPhones and iPads] in a law office:

Closing a Practice in a Post-PC World. [July/August 2012]

Time to Upgrade?  [December 2011]

The iPad in Trial & Litigation [June 2011]

My Working iVacation [Dec 2010]

Note-Taking Applications for Apple Users [June 2010]

Macs in Trial [December 2009]

Ditch the Laptop, Bring the iPhone 3G [December 2008]

iPhone, You Phone, We All Phone [June 2008]

Time to Switch [December 2007]  

Windows to the World [June 2007].