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My list of packing items for art shows

I'm on a listserve of other artisans [most of which, like me, do photography] who attend art shows and we discussed having a packing list.  I said I'd provide mine, so it's uploaded here: Download MASTER ART SHOW CHECKLIST.  I'm sure there are many other items I could take, and some I need not take.  And I don't necessarily take everything each time, but this list has developed over the years and I find it helpful when I'm in the 'getting-ready-to-leave' stress mode.

Four Upcoming Art Shows and Festivals in June

On each weekend in June, I will be displaying and selling my photographs at a variety of locales in June.  

Edina, Minnesota Art Fair  June 4, 5 & 6

50th & France, [Booth 188, near corner of W. 51th Street & France]

Hinsdale, Illinois, Fine Arts Festival  June 12 & 13 

Burlington Park, Garfield & W. Chicago Avenue, Hinsdale, IL

[Booth 85, along Chicago Ave., east end]

Stone Arch Festival of the Arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota  June 19 & 20

University Av. & 2nd Avenue SE, Minneapolis

[tentatively, Booth 192, Fr. Hennepin Park]

ArtFest Midwest, June 26 & 27  Des Moines Iowa

“The other Art Show”, indoors at the State Fairgrounds

[booth will be assigned day of show]

Award of Excellence received, Fort Dearborn-Chicago Photo Forum

In the Fort Dearborn - Chicago Photo Forum International Photography Competition 2010, I was one of thirty photographers who received an Award of Excellence.    Nearly 700 photographers from 16 countries participated in the Competition;  the top 30 images were selected by esteemed professionals in the photography industry. Awards were presented in five categories - people, places, nature, still-life and alteration of reality. The thirty winners come from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Netherlands and 13 states in the U.S.

ThruaDoorway8x12 copy 14-29-53

Fort Dearborn-Chicago Photo Forum is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1895. The organization promotes creativity and community and invites all who are passionate about photography to participate in its activities. Some of the world's most renowned photographers have been involved in the organization’s activities over the decades, through print salons, and educational programs. Fort Dearborn held its first print competition and Salon in 1900. Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen were two of the participants and the Art Institute of Chicago co-sponsored that event and hosted the winners' exhibition. This year’s international photography competition is Fort Dearborn’s first online digital photo contest and the winning entries will be displayed through June at Morpho Gallery, 5216 N. Damen, Chicago, Illinois.

See the winners online at:

Three art festivals or shows I'll be at in June

It'll be a busy month!  I applied to a number of art festivals and shows for the summer and fall months and so far, have heard from three.  I'll be displaying and selling at the following shows and hope to see you there:

    Edina, Minnesota - June 4th-6th

    Hinsdale, Illinois - June 12th - 13th

    ArtFest Midwest, Des Moines, Iowa - June 26th-27th

More information as I get it - and I've applied to some other juried shows for this summer and hope to be able to add to this list.  

Blown Away in Minneapolis

I still need to put up some pictures from Alaska, but this past weekend was much more exciting [not in a positive way!]  No, I wasn't dealing with flooding [thank goodness] but I had a show at Stone Arch Festival of the Arts and although the weekend was filled with lovely blue skies, in the early evening on Saturday a 60 mph wind blew through the area of the Festival and my tent ended up in a tree [see photo].

Others were not as lucky, losing their frames entirely or roofs or having everything blown sideways.  Some had to leave, many of us regrouped and stayed.  But it does make me rethink the idea of an outdoor show, at least over a period of time.Tentwinddamageweb

Two Rivers Art Expo

The Two Rivers Art Expo, the main fundraiser for Metro Arts Alliance for the year, is coming up on November 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Hy Vee Arena in Downtown Des Moines. I [along with a number of other artists] was juried into the final group and am very excited to be there this year.

Friday night is the special preview night: a preview of what's on display and 'early dibs' for purchasing as well. Then we continue all day Saturday and Sunday.

I'll have some formal, framed larger pieces as well as framed and unframed, but matted 16" x 20"s, 11" x 14" matted photographs, and cards, trivets and coasters. If you want to see a collection from which these images come, go to my SmugMug gallery.

I've decided that my pricing structure will include tax [which is a 6% sales tax here in Des Moines]. That saves me hunting for the calculator to figure it out and for the pennies and nickels to make change. I've tried this at other shows and it seems to be appreciated by customers and certainly is appreciated by me!

I hope to see you there!