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A report on the Eclipse of 2017 in Dubois, Wyoming

When the news of the August eclipse started going around last year, our daughter suggested that we should all meet in Wyoming to view it. Mark didn't want to go, but I was curious and thought it might be a special treat. So, I planned a trip with Kate - to meet in Salt Lake City and drive together the six or so hours to Dubois, Wyoming, a laid-back  town of less than 1,000 people.

As you might imagine, there was a pretty good crowd in Dubois for the occasion. We scouted locations from which to view the eclipse and found a perfect one at the Scenic Overlook in the middle of town. There were quite a few people there, but no one got in anyone's way and it really wasn't crowded given the nature of this event.

We arrived there about 9:30 am, as I wanted to set up and make sure all my cameras were working. I took my Canon 6D with its 300mm lens, Canon G3X [which has a 600 mm  lens and which took the best shots], and my iPhone 7+. I decided to put my 6D on my tripod and use the G3X as a handheld, every now and then using my iPhone.

To do this without damaging the cameras, I purchased a Mylar sheet 10" x 10" which I cut into pieces to cover the lenses of the cameras. I used rubber bands to attach the sheet to the two large cameras and the iPhone. I did have a set of glasses obtained through the site.  Frankly, the Mylar worked great for its purpose with the two larger cameras, but not so much with the iPhone.

As we waited, I took a number of pictures of the sun in its full glory, prior to the moon chomping through it. Then, a little after 10 o'clock, the moon started to cross the sun. It seemed to take a long time. But as the moon moved, the sky in the surrounding area got darker and darker and the temperature became cooler and cooler and then finally Totality occurred.

I made sure to get some pictures of the Totality and got a number of them with the full corona using the G3X camera. They're not fancy shots but I'm happy with them. While the moon was covering the sun, for approximately 2 minutes and 34 seconds, it was amazing how cold it got (must've been 10 to 15° below what it had been) and dark.  I looked behind me and took a picture of the far west horizon which seemed to show a sunset. That was rather odd, having the sun at almost noon in the sky and yet a sunset at the west horizon.

I'm glad I went, it was a unique experience and it was a lot of fun seeing family and friends there. I am going to collect some of these photos and post them. There are quite a few wonderful pictures by NASA, National Geographic, and many regular people who are much better photographers in these occasions. But I feel privileged to have taken some special shots.

I have posted a selection of some images on my gallery site.  I learned it's best to have a telephoto lens long enough [400mm or over] but even with other lenses you can get some good shots.  The gallery for the Eclipse images is:

[pricing is special,  for family & friends].

Articles on Macs & iPhones & iPads in the ABA's GPSolo Magazine [2013-14]

In 2013 & 2014, the MacUser articles in the GPSolo Magazines for the American Bar Association dealt with practical aspects of owning Apple's Mac computers, iPads and iPhones: [click to download]

Are Macs Really Cheaper over the Long Haul_Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division - Jan/Feb 2013

Planning for the (Digital and Physical) End - July 2013

Accessibility Options for iOS and Mac _March/April 2014

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Getting ready for ArtFest Midwest, June 28-29

This year's ArtFest Midwest will be held at the air-conditioned Varied Industries Bldg. at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on June 28 & 29 [free shuttle between AFMW and the huge downtown Des Moines Art Festival].  Since I've been to Venice on several occasions, most recently for a month this year, I'm going to have an All-Venice display at the ArtFest.  Images posted at my JourneyZing blog and at the SlowTravel site will be available as well as many not shown before, and some old favorites.  Hope to see you there!

Rowing along a canal in Venice

Juried Art Fairs/Festivals in Summer 2011

I'll be attending and displaying [and, selling!] at some juried art shows in the midwest this summer:

June 3-5 at Edina, MN [booth 136]

June 11-12 at Hinsdale, IL  [booth 81]

June 25-26 at ArtFest Midwest:  The Other Art Show in Des Moines, IA

July 16-17 at Highland Fest, MN [near St. Paul]

[There are others, but news of them is coming in this and next month, so this listing will be updated].