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Tips for Making Your Next Family Vacation a Memorable One

An informative & helpful guest post from Jesse Clark,

A family vacation is an exciting time. You may have saved up all year to discover new places or be thrilled at the opportunity to make family memories during school breaks. Make it an unforgettable experience with these tips from JourneyZing, even if you choose to spend your vacation at home.

Plan a Road Trip 

If you want to get away, why not schedule a family road trip? Instead of visiting one city, you could travel to multiple places and pick one or more noteworthy attractions to visit in each location. 

If you go this route, purchase a wireless charger so you can keep your phone charged at all times in the event of an emergency. With a fully charged phone, you can also conveniently research fascinating stops along the way. Plus, you'll always have your phone ready to capture picture-worthy moments during the trip. 

Choose Outdoor Activities 

Although visiting museums and going shopping are popular vacation activities, they're indoors, which is much riskier from a health standpoint. If you're looking for pandemic-friendly options, consider outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. Check out zoos or biking trails, or plan a visit to a lake.

Bring the Essentials

When you take a road trip, you know you need clothing, hygiene products, and other essentials. You more than likely will bring games and snacks to keep your children occupied while traveling.

Nowadays, it's also a good idea to bring masks for everyone. Some states and areas have mask mandates in effect, and you never know when a business or attraction will require them for all visitors. Another essential to bring is hand sanitizer. And nursing moms, don’t forget a comfortable nursing top!

Consider Staying Home

If you feel the conditions for travel aren't ideal right now, stay at home and spend every second you can together. Play family board games, or build a tent in your living room that the whole family can sleep in. Get everyone working as a team for the build. You could plan a movie night where everyone lounges around, eats popcorn, snuggles, and enjoys one another's company. Let everyone vote on what movies to watch. 

You can also take the kids outside in your own yard. You can research fun outdoor activities or make up your own outdoor games as a family, such as building an obstacle course in the backyard, participating in a three-legged race, or having a scavenger hunt.  

During your vacation, make a no electronics rule for everyone so your family members aren't distracted. To help you relax and enjoy your time off together, get all the housework and work-from-home tasks completed beforehand. 

Add a Fence

For safety reasons, you may want to connect with a local contractor and install a fence. You can search Angi for “local fencing companies near me” then read reviews, get a quote, and discuss your needs before you meet with contractors to save time and potential hassle. The exact price depends on the materials you choose, the size of your yard, and where it's installed. When choosing a contractor, make sure they're licensed and insured. You should also confirm that they are aware of any underground hazards, such as utility lines, in your yard.

Have Fun

Whether you decide to stay home or get away, the most important tip for a family vacation is to have fun. Don't forget to leave your worries behind! 

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