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Just another warning about being careful in your use of technology

A year or two ago someone tried to get into my Amazon account & because I had 2 factor authentication, I got the request to verify my intent to sign in [which I had not] so of course I changed my password and all has been fine.  2Factor has saved me there and elsewhere.
Then, it happened again:  Yesterday within the span of 15 min. I received 3 2-Factor pins = one PIN from a phone #, then the same PIN a minute or so later from a different phone # and the 3rd about 10 min later with a different pin - since I had not been on the internet going into a 2-factor site I knew that those attempts were not me = but now what?  I was going to ignore it but thought I might try to figure out if any of those phone # were at all legit ==I did a quick google search on all 3 phone# and ended up not clicking on any of the alleged links to find out whose number it is - first because if it was Amazon or some recognized vendor it would be clear and second, all the URLs of the various links were really weird and themselves something not to become involved with.
The upshot is, someone was trying to get into one of my 2Factor’d accounts and as I go along I probably should just change passwords and maybe also user ID/email for the account — and be glad I had 2Factor set up… I encourage you to set up 2-Factor authentication on your most important accounts, at least, AND get a password manager [1Password, LastPass or another quality manager]
[Image from trip to Grand Teton 2+ yrs ago]

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