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A Practical Guide to Transitioning to the Digital Nomad Lifestyle [guest post]

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If you're been caught by the travel bug, you might consider satisfying your wanderlust by becoming a digital nomad. This lifestyle allows you to live and work worldwide without being tied down to one place. According to research published in The Flexible Workplace, digital nomadism is on the rise, thanks to technological advances and greater workplace flexibility. However, before you pack your bags, it's critical to do your research and prepare

JourneyZing helps eager travelers like yourself figure out the practicalities of going abroad. This guide provides actionable tips for becoming a digital nomad

Figure out how you'll earn your money

One of the appeals of digital nomadism is that you can enjoy a higher standard of life in locations with a more affordable cost of living. However, you still need to earn money. If you're currently employed, consider talking to your boss about the possibility of remote work. Spaces Works explains that you need to clarify that you're planning to go abroad. Working from home is one thing. Working half-way across the world in another time zone is another.

Alternatively, you can start a freelance business. If you go this route, consider forming a limited liability company (LLC). This will help protect you personally in case of legal issues and is a streamlined alternative to more complex entities like corporations. Regulations regarding LLC formation vary between states. For example, in Iowa, you need to name a registered agent and file "articles of organization." An Iowa formation service like ZenBusiness can help you through the process, sparing you pricey lawyer fees.  [Although Victoria Herring, as a former lawyer, would advise forming a relationship with a lawyer so business issues can be promptly and efficiently handled after your business is formed]

Decide what to do with your current home — and find a new one

Some digital nomads leave home completely, selling all their possessions and property. Others prefer having a homebase to come back to. If you keep your house or apartment, you can rent it out. Guesty has a guide to listing properties on Airbnb that can be useful. Alternatively, you might ditch your place completely. Vox notes that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a boom in the housing market. If you sell your apartment or house now, you may be able to get a good amount of money for it.

You'll also need a place to stay in your target destination. Homelike lists popular options for digital nomads, including short-term apartment rentals, serviced apartments, and co-living spaces. When looking, make sure the property has the capacity to accommodate remote working, such as a decent Wi-Fi connection. Proximity to amenities like public transportation, grocery stores, gyms, and coworking spaces can also be useful.

Stay safe by investing in insurance and security measures

Ideally, you won't get sick or injured while abroad. However, you can't rule out the possibility completely. Make sure you have insurance wherever you are in the world. Visitors Coverage explains that if you're traveling for over a year, you should look into global medical insurance, also known as expat travel insurance. For less than one year of travel, travel medical insurance should be sufficient.

You might also consider getting insurance coverage for the tools you need to work, like your computer and phone. If these valuable goods are lost, stolen, or damaged, you won't be able to do the work you need to earn your living as a digital nomad. Allianz Travel provides tips for protecting your tech, like investing in an anti-theft backpack with a locking compartment to secure your valuables. Still, in case such precautions don't work, insurance is a plus. For example, if someone takes your entire backpack, the locked compartment won't help you!

With modern technology and greater openness toward remote working, it's easier than ever to become a digital nomad. The above guide can help you plan the transition to the nomadic lifestyle.

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