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Here are some good ideas for a Staycation by Jesse Clark of - I figured they'd help with planning a positive experience as we really can't travel all that much these days:

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Even though vaccinations are progressing, travel could still be off-limits for the next several months. If you love to explore new destinations, this can put a real damper on any vacation plans, but you can still find safe ways to relax and recharge. In fact, you can do so without crossing any social-distancing boundaries by planning a staycation in your own town. 

Taking a “trip” locally can also save you a small fortune, which you can put towards future travels when things are a bit safer. If you need ideas for planning the perfect staycation, these dos and don'ts can provide inspiration. 

Don’t Take Chances With Home Security 

There are plenty of ways to save money on your staycation. Cutting corners with home security shouldn’t be one of them. A home invasion could leave you with $2,000 or more in losses and priceless damage to your emotions. These costs just aren’t worth any savings. So if you plan on leaving your home, even locally, make sure it is safe and secure. 

Lucky for you, there are ways to effectively protect your home without having to spend a small fortune. Smart home devices that can help include video doorbells, automated lighting, and programmable locks. You can already pick up popular and state-of-the-art video doorbells for just around $100. 

Do Treat Yourself to Shopping Savings 

Now that you’re not stressing out about your home, you can find other ways to relieve tension during your staycation, which could include a little retail therapy. As long as you keep your purchases under budget, shopping can be good for your mental health. Unplanned shopping trips can be especially satisfying, so set aside money for these excursions. 

You can use shopping as a form of self-care without any guilt by taking advantage of coupons and promo codes. With a quick online search before checkout, you can access deals and cashback offers for stores like American Eagle, so you can indulge with less financial stress. 

Don’t Overlook Free and Safe Activities 

Staycations can mean either traveling locally or sticking to your own home. If you choose the latter, you could end up saving even more money. That’s because there are so many safe, relaxing, and completely free ways you can enjoy yourself at home, all while social-distancing. 

You could curl up on the couch for a few hours with a good book or some good music, for one. Or if you decide to get out for some fresh air during your staycation, just make sure that you are able to practice social-distancing. Spending time in nature can also be a powerful way to unwind and refresh, so you could even plan your staycation around safe outdoor activities that are budget-friendly, like going for walks or making s’mores in your own yard. 

Do Focus Your Plans on Self-Care and Fun 

Comfort is important for relaxation. But in order for your staycation to feel like a vacation, you also need to do something fun and adventurous. Finding adventure in your home may seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be if you get creative with your plans! 

For example, while you can’t travel to far off places right now, you can still explore them online. Doing so is bound to be much friendlier to your budget too, since so many locations, attractions, and museums are offering free virtual tours to help keep people entertained during the pandemic. You can explore the Guggenheim Museum in New York or the Musée d’Orsay in Paris or even the world through JourneyZing’s gallery — all without ever having to leave your living room. 

Staycations don’t have to be boring! Plus, they can keep you safe while helping keep your budget in check. You can use those savings to fund your next real-world adventure, once travel has been declared safe once again. Until then, have fun and try to find ways to unwind at home. 


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