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December 2014

A Roman Doorway

ThruaDoorway8x12 copyvert.web
Thru a Roman Doorway [color]
Thru a Roman Doorway [B&W]

The original shot, on the left, is almost monochromatic and my preference [of course].  This is one of those lucky shots, as I walked pass the door, realized it was open to this scene, backed up a few steps and shot the picture and moved on.  One shot, lucky shot.


Having a bit of time, I thought I'd play with images and do some black & white images from some of my favorites, by way of comparison.  A good project to take a familiar image and work with it a bit to see what more or else can be obtained from it.  So, here goes for a few days.

Tuscany, Countryside 317 - Version 3.web
Sunset in Tuscany


Tuscany, Countryside 317 - Version 3.web
Sunset in Tuscany, B&W

I personally like the color version, with the soft light and shadows, but as with all images, it's up to personal taste.