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December 2012

Images from this morning's stroll through the fog

This morning the fog rolled into Des Moines [it's still present as I write this] and I left early and went to Gray's Lake, Waterworks Park, the River downtown, and Capitol Hill and shot whatever seemed interesting to me.  The images are up at my gallery site:  Ethereal Des Moines

Fog in DSM Dec2012 89 - Version 2    Fog in DSM Dec2012iPhone 10 - Version 2

The first is of the new bridge across the river in downtown Des Moines and the other is an iPhone panoramic view at Gray's Lake.


Here's a new use for those icky [old] iPhone earbuds

So, you thought you couldn't abide the earbuds which came with the [old] iPhone?  Well here's a use for them which I discovered recently.  As you know, there are two ways to take pictures using your iPhone, with the usual front button and also pressing the "+" [volume up] button on the side.  But if you really want to minimize shake or movement, you can plug in the earbuds [I tested an old set on my new iPhone5 and it worked wonderfully] and press the "+" area on the cable and it'll take a picture.