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Apps to Aggregate News and Information

I have been traveling and using various applications on my laptop [MacBookPro], my iPad and my iPhone and have some thoughts on good news aggregators.  My usual process is at the end/beginning of each day I review the unread items in these aggregators for up to date news and information.  I have several just for fun [Cozy Mystery blog is one example], but most are sites or blogs regarding interests of mine [news, politics, current events, photography, computers and Macs, etc.].  So, my thoughts:

I moved to Google Reader about a year ago and it's a good choice for a basic news aggregator, particularly since many of my other apps coordinate with it.

On the laptop or desktop, I access Google Reader either through its browser space or else through using Reeder [particularly on the laptop].  It integrates quite well with many/most of the other services I use [Instapaper, Evernote, etc.] and has a good interface.

On the iPad and iPhone, I use Feedler which I like much better than Reeder = both of these apps sync and pull in the Google Reader feeds and so the GR aggregator serves as the master and the others are chosen for their device usage and work with GR just fine.

When I review items in Reader/Reeder/Feedler and like them, I star them for future review, send to Instapaper, send to Evernote, share on Twitter or other places using BufferApp.  If I find something of general interest or worth passing on, I usually send it via Bufferapp to Twitter or put it in StumbleUpon.

I am in this turn of the year hoping to get myself more organized [having said that over many years!] and hope to improve on the above described process, but this is what I'm doing now.  Hope this is of some help.


[all bolded items can easily be found in a search via Google or whatever]